Prospect 1.7.3 Released

You can download the latest release on GitHub.

New Features

  • New custom color icons in front-end GUI
  • Front-end GUI now shows the number of selected items and Selection List shows names of selected items (when open)
  • If Auto-Update checkbox is checked, all user selections result in immediate update of visualizations
  • Record Editor now uses Geonames to allow coordinates to be found and inserted from names of locations
  • Shortcode enables Record data to be output as HTML on any WordPress page
  • Map marker titles can now be given specific colors (on a Template-by-Template basis)
  • Archive page will now output Data Dictionaries for Template definitions


  • Map markers are now brought to the front when they are selected
  • Help Tour can be enabled at the Exhibit/Volume level
  • Custom brush handles have been restored to Dates and Numbers filters, and Timeline visualization
  • CSS files have been minified for efficiency
  • D3 updated to 4.2.7
  • HTML code has been removed from all language strings (for translation)
  • Can now disable Perspectives/Readings for specific Exhibits/Volumes

Bug Fixes

  • 1.7.3 fixes bug in file format of Template export (introduced in 1.6)
  • Closing dialog box via close icon caused problems in past; icon has been removed
  • Fixed bug when term in Legend clicked (in a Volume)
  • Fixed bug on upper bounds of Date brush when restoring from a Perspective
  • Fixed bug when viewing Record (HTML “script” file was in wrong folder)
  • Fixed bug when Exhibit view refreshed/updated with Highlight selection