Prospect is a sophisticated web-app implemented as a plugin for WordPress that enables users to create and curate collections of structured data and then enable the wider public to visualize and access those collections. The graphical representation of data – whether it be geographical information shown on maps, temporal data shown on timelines, interpersonal relationships shown as connected graphs, etc. – can facilitate end-users in comprehending it quickly and interpreting and analyzing it.

Prospect is ideal for visualizing large collections of structured data in flexible and diverse ways and enabling access to that data. When the user is exploring graphical representations of information space, s/he can look for patterns in these visualizations and drill deeper into specific items that are of interest – look at the forest, then find the tree(s).

Our experience in the Digital Innovation Lab has brought us to the conclusion that our goal of creating sustainable digital tools for a wide audience with many different kinds of projects is best realized by building a platform as a plugin that complements and extends WordPress.

This approach allows a user to have all of the rich functionality that comes with WordPress, and all of its other plugins, without having to write custom code to support those features. Prospect, instead, extends just what is missing from WordPress to make it a sophisticated platform for processing and visualizing complex data. WordPress is the most popular content management system for websites in the world and a large set of engaged software developers is constantly updating and evolving its open-source code base.

**PLEASE NOTE: WordPress.com does not support additional plug-ins at the free or personal level contracts, only at the Business level.**