10th Congress

1896, Riga, 10th

6th Congress

1884, Odessa, 6th

2nd Congress

1871, St. Petersburg, 2nd

12th Congress

1902, Kharkov, 12th

13th Congress

1905, Ekaterinoslav, 13th

14th Congress

1908, Chernigov, 14th

15th Congress

1911, Novgorod, 15th

Odessa Society of History of Antiquities

Mt. Mithridat

Mithrdates VI, the Great king of Pontus 120-63, defended his kingdom most successfully against the Romans until he was betrayed by one of his sons. The first archeological museum of Kerch, stylized as a Greek temple with artefacts piled around it, sat atop Mt. Mithridates; the West European powers raided the museum during the Crimean War.


One of the Greek colonies on the northern shore of the Black Sea, Olvia lies close to the Borysthenes, the main river that gave it commercial meaning by connecting the fertile Ukraine to the sea. The Scythians later called this waterway the Dānu apr, or the name it bears today, the Dnepr. Herodotus wrote of Olvia,and Strabo also mentioned it.