12th Congress

1902, Kharkov, 12th

13th Congress

1905, Ekaterinoslav, 13th

15th Congress

1911, Novgorod, 15th

9th Congress

1893, Vilnius, 9th

11th Congress

1899, Kiev, 11th

6th Congress

1884, Odessa, 6th

2nd Congress

1871, St. Petersburg, 2nd

Imperial Moscow Archeological Society

Imperial Russian Archeological Society


One of the Greek colonies founded early in the 6th century, Panticapaeum, present-day Kerch, became the capital of the Bosporan Kingdom in the 5th. Destroyed by an earthquake circa 70 BCE, it was rebuilt by the Romans before being destroyed by the Huns in 370. A number of important kurgans lie nearby.