Shcherbatov, N. S.

Praskovia’s brother, Nikolai enjoyed an easy path to his job at the Historical Museum. As an archeologist, he stayed in Moscow, studying the Kremlin with Zabelin and looking unsuccessfully for the storied library of Ivan the Terrible. He participated in a number of local organizations: the Society for Naturalists, Anthropology and Ethnography, the Society for the Zealots of Russian Historical Education, and with Savelov, the Historical-Genealogical Society and the committee for the 1812 Museum. He served as chairman of the Moscow Automobile Society. A monarchist like his sister, he spent a few post-revolutionary months in prison, but eventually retired to a cell at the Novodevichy Monastery, where he died in 1929. His two children emigrated to France, where his daughter was a performer and one of popular actor Henri Garat’s four wives.