14th Congress

1908, Chernigov, 14th

Liaskoronskii, V. G.

Liaskoronskii was important especially as a cartographer of archeological sites in the south. A Ukrainian, after the revolution he was a member of the All-Ukrainian Archeological Committee and the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He was also associated with Nezhinsk Historical-Philological Institute.

Linnichenko, I. A.

Linnichenko was that rare Ukrainian archeologist who eschewed separatism and even after 1917 maintained that Little Russia was a part of the larger Russian empire. He recognized their languages and cultures to be related, but not different. He also popularized archeology with articles in Kievskaia starina.

Fon Shtern, E. R.

Fon Shtern was a Pribaltika German, and wrote in both languages, who specialized in the Greek colony at Berezan. He acquired an international reputation when he exposed a falsification at the Louvre, from a paper given originally at the 10th Congress in Riga. The Russian Revolution returned him to Halle-Wittenberg Unversity in Germany, where he served as rector until his death. He was also a director of the Odessa Archeological Museum.