Importing a Sample Project

Projects consist of two types of data, each of which has its own kind of file:

  • the configuration of Attributes, Templates, Exhibits and Volumes is stored in .json files
  • the data in Records is stored in .csv files

You can find sample Prospect projects and their files at this link.

You can also follow these steps in the video at bottom of this webpage.

Uploading A Configuration Package

After you download the data files from this website, here’s how you can upload the configuration files into your WordPress website for the use of Prospect:

  • Go to the Archive page (on the Prospect Dashboard on the left: Prospect > Archive)
  • Select the File(s) with the Browse button at the bottom of the page
  • Click the Upload Archive… button.

Prospect should now be configured with the settings of the file.

Uploading the Record Data

By default, Prospect creates data in CSV files in a format used by the CSV Importer plugin, which is automatically bundled with Prospect.

  • Go to the CSV Importer tool on the Dashboard (Tools > CSV Importer Improved)
  • Click the Choose File button and select the appropriate CSV file
  • Do not check the Import posts as drafts checkbox and do not select anything on the Organize into category drop-down list
  • Click the Import button
  • It should respond with the number of Records successfully imported from the file