Corps pf Pages

For the first 40 years of its existence, the Corps of Pages trained young noblemen to follow protocols at court and in the military. In 1802, with the Napoleonic Wars reshaping the nature of warfare, the Corps became more of a cadet training school for the sons of the most elite.

Moscow Gymnasium

This refers to any and all gymnasia in Moscow.

Provincial Gymnasium

This refers to any and all provincial gymnasia.

Richelieu Lyceum

Founded in 1817 in Odessa and named for the former governor-general of New Russia, Armand-Emmanuel du Plessis duc de Richelieu, this private school drew students from the nobility and and wealthy merchant families. That initially French was the only langugage of instruction reflected the reality of the population rather than snobbery, although classes began in Russian from the 1820s. It housed a major library, and a number of important scholars passed through it in some capacity.

St. Petersburg Gymnasium

This refers to any and all gymnasia in St. Petersburg.

Zabelsk Dominican College

This small college run by the Dominicans in the Vitebski region of Belarus did not survive the partitions of Poland, and by 1811 it was a gymnasium in the Vina Educational District.