Black Sea

More than simply a catch-all, the “Black Sea” pulls together the multiple civilizations that have populated the littoral, ranging freely from Bolgars on the Danube with the “relatives” on the Volga, to Genoese traders, to the short-lived kingdom of Trabzon.

Bronze Age

At the 5th Congress in Tiflis in 1881, Rudolf Virchow gave the speech about there being no substnative Bronze Age in Russia. Lubbock had argued that primitive peoples weent first to gold, because it was in rivers and shiny, and they liked shiny things. Nevostruev had already presented at the first, though, about bronze artefacts found in gorodishche around the Kama River, including Pianii bor, some of which similar to An. mogilnik, but not all.

Classical Antiquity

This includes the predominant ancient civilizations: Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Greece, and Rome. Though less important than the others, Egypt also figures into Russian archeology.