Sample Projects

Tutorial Projects

Created as examples for how to design data schema and configure Exhibits, with sample files to upload into your Prospect website and explanations of the data design and configuration:

More forthcoming

“Real” Projects

Created with and running Prospect:

  • Mapping the Long Women’s Movement: Visualizing ethnographic research documenting the Civil Rights era with access to audio playback
  • Charlotte 1911: Visualizing census data about the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1911
  • Recovering Hayti: A virtual recreation of the lost community and built environment of Hayti (Durham, North Carolina)
  • Names in Brick and Stone: UNC campus history in buildings and people
  • Digital Loray: Community History at the Loray Mill of Gastonia, North Carolina
  • Exploring Celtic Civilizations: artifacts, people, events and texts relating to the history of Celtic-speaking peoples in Europe
  • Tangled Ossianic Webs: a demonstration of Prospect’s Qualified Relationships, representing the connections and relationships between people and texts.