Mansvetov, V. I.

Mansvetov was an archpriest, who became acquainted with archeologists in his native Iaroslavl, and was instrumental in having the local kremlin and other buildings restored.

Gorskii, A. V.

An archpriest (протоиерей), that is, a member of the white clergy, Gorskii was a professor of dogmatic theology at the Moscow Spiritual Academy and an erudite scholar in the history and archeology of the Russian church, as well as of biblical archeology. He was also a member of the Iaroslavl Natural History Society.

Antonin, Archimandrite

Born with the surname Kapustin, Antonin was in 1850 appointed abbot embassy church in Athens, where when supervising excavations under the church, he discovered not only the ruins of an earlier church, and an even older Roman bath. From there he went to Constantinople and then Jerusalem in the same capacity. In Palestine, he activated the past in a new way, acquiring the Oak of Mamre, where Abraham had entertained three angels, and built a hostel nearby for Russian pilgrims.Many of his publications explored his travels in these Holy Lands.